10 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than the Apple iPhone X


With advanced features and reasonable price, it is not difficult for the Galaxy S9 to surpass Apple’s rivals and win the hearts of consumers.

Samsung has launched its Galaxy S9 / S9 +, the company’s first flagship duo in 2018, while Apple, as usual, remained relatively quiet during the early part of the year. So, it’s no wonder the pair are always compared to the iPhone X – the most advanced smartphone today’s “an Apple with a bite”.

There are too many reviews about the design, performance or experience of these devices. However, if you think the S9 and iPhone X “neck and neck”, then here are the 10 characteristics that Samsung’s flagship has done far better than its competitors.

1. The iPhone X’s OLED display is great, but the Samsung Galaxy S9’s is better.

Apple may finally have given one of its iPhones an OLED display, but it still doesn’t quite compare to Samsung’s own glorious OLED displays.

The OLED display on Samsung’s new flagship duo offers a much more vibrant color gamut than the iPhone X. It is undeniable that Apple’s superstar has been significantly upgraded in terms of brightness and color. But if you are looking for a smartphone that can bring the experience as close to reality as the S9 / S9 + is the perfect answer.

2. The Galaxy S9 comes with fast charging, but Apple is not.

Today, fast charging has become a familiar feature indispensable on high-end smartphones. Of course, Samsung also can not ignore this technology on its new flagship. The company even comes with a quick charger with S9, and users will not have to purchase additional external accessories.

The iPhone X also supports fast charging, but requires users to add a small amount of money to own Apple charger and charger cable. You can also use the USB-C charger that comes with the recent laptops, but that means you’ll still have to spend more on a USB-C-Lightning cable to use it. this feature.

3. The Galaxy S9’s camera can take better shots in low light.

This is the confirmed truth from the camera parameters to many of the tests from the world’s leading technology. The S9’s camera clusters can flexibly adjust the aperture to f/1.5 to capture more light into the lens. Meanwhile, the aperture of the iPhone X is only fixed at f/1.8.

If you are a bit knowledgeable about photography as well as apply some tips during the photography, you can get high quality products with S9 in low light conditions.

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4. The Galaxy S9 has a built-in heart rate monitor.

If you want to regularly check your heart rate but do not want to spend on expensive smart watches, then S9 can perfectly meet that need. Although it’s not a feature that’s so unique or popular on smartphones, it’s definitely better than having to pay extra for a device just to keep track of your heart rate.

5. The Galaxy S9 has a fingerprint scanner.

This is probably one of the features that make S9 or other flagship of Samsung always attract more consumers. In addition, the company has deftly altered the design of the fingerprint sensor (down to the bottom of the camera) as suggested by the previous customer. This brings both convenience to the user, and shows that Samsung is very listening and customer satisfaction.

6. The Galaxy S9 has a headphone jack.

The S9 still owns a traditional 3.5mm headset jack and supports wireless headphones. Users will not need to purchase additional accessories such as switch ports instead of dedicated cables but can still make use of their old headsets. And even better, this does not negatively affect the sleek and sophisticated design of the Galaxy S9.

7. Android does a few things far better than iOS.

Android and iOS are two of the most popular operating systems of the smartphone world in recent years. However, Android has always had superior advantages over its rivals.

First, the display design on the OS is much more impressive than iOS. And secondly, Android also allows you to customize and tinker deeper to create unique background images in a personal style (and sure enough, iOS users can do).

8. The Galaxy S9 doesn’t have a notch.

The notch is the most popular trend for smartphone design today, and the iPhone X can be considered a pioneer in this trend. The unique “groove” for the front camera and a number of other sensors have helped Apple maximize the screen of infinity on his super. However, like FaceID, the notch are still a feature that causes a lot of controversy.

Not to follow the masses, S9 remain faithful to the design of its predecessor despite S8 upper contour phone (and possibly below) will be thicker than the iPhone X. However, this flagship still Feel the sophistication, luxury, modern and new to the user.

9. I love Samsung’s audio settings, which make music sound better for me.

Samsung has dedicated itself to the quality of audio in this section to help improve the quality and experience when users use the headset. In it, the Dolby Atmos feature is like a perfect lever to upgrade the overall quality, delivering more vivid and realistic sound.

In addition, the S9 also has many useful features such as UHQ, Tube Amp Pro or Concert Hall to provide different music experiences, from vibrant to melodious or even echo effects. You can easily adjust to personal preferences right on your smartphone.

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10. To top it all off, the Galaxy S9 is cheaper than the iPhone X.

Certainly many consumers have been surprised by the price listed by Samsung for its flagship duo. The S9 is priced at $ 720 and the S9 + is priced at $ 840, which is quite reasonable in the high end segment. Meanwhile, the iPhone X owns a $ 1,000 price tag for the lowest version.

With the superior capabilities that S9 / S9 + possesses, it is understandable why many users prefer the Samsung flagship duo rather than spend a huge sum of money for super products from Apple. Obviously, this flagship duo can perfectly meet the needs from basic to advanced at a much easier price than the opponent.

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