5 tips to help you charge your iPhone faster


Fast charging is always a matter for consumers to want manufacturers to grow on their smartphones. While Samsung and Apple are bringing the company’s quick charge technology into their products, but old smartphone can not use it. However, we will send you 5 tips to help you charge your Phone faster (whether integrated or not with built-in fast charging technology)

Switch your iPhone to Airplane Mode while charge

This method may not be widely used because the iPhone will lose the most basic features of a phone such as calling, receiving calls, messages … But so, the speed of charging will faster. The iPhone is not affected by any reception as well as external connections.

To activate the Airplane mode to charge your iPhone faster, Open the Control Center by swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen and select the Airplane icon. Or go to Setting> Airplane mode.

Remove Case while Charge

When charging the battery, the temperature of the iPhone will increase, using the tiles will make the device difficult to dissipate the heat. Charging rates will also be slightly reduced, if the outside temperature is high, there is a possibility of overheating. So, when your iPhone charging, if you remove the case out, the speed charge your iPhone will be improve.

Do not use your iPhone when charging

When charging, you can still use your iPhone normally. But you will feel the machine heats up abnormally,, which is due to the use of the phone, battery charging, and this also greatly affected the battery life. So, to protect your iPhone battery and speed up the charging, do not use your iPhone when charging

Use iPad Charge

Apple allows users to use the iPad charger in common with the iPhone. The iPad has a higher charging capacity, which will allow for faster charging. IPad charger for 5.1V / 2.1A and 5.2V / 2.4A power, the iPhone charger normally only reaches 5V / 1A. However, the shortening time is negligible.

Clean the charging port lightning

You see the lightning port on the iPhone is dirty, or immediately clean the dust with a cotton swab, alcohol or use compressed air to remove dust deep inside. This helps to optimize the battery charge, as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to charge the battery.

If your battery charges long, try the 5 tips we just suggested to help you charge your iPhone faster, and we are sure your battery charge will be faster than ever.


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