7 Step to Buy Safely on AliExpress – How to make it!


What Is AliExpress?

Aliexpress is China’s major online shopping site with many inexpensive products, where you have the opportunity to own exclusive and strange goods and can also be free shipping by China Port Air Mail.

To make the purchase smoothly, you may have to note the following:

1. Always refer to many suppliers to choose the best price
On AliExpress, the same product will have a lot of different vendors offer so there will be many different prices. There are a few price difference, but also the price difference is quite expensive.
2. Check carefully the rated seller
This seems to be something we all need to do before ordering an item. To choose reputable suppliers. You should be aware of these two parameters:
  • Open Date: If the seller has the highest number of years of business on AliExpress, the more experienced they can be and the more trust they can have.
  • Top Brand: For each successful order, customers can evaluate the seller by 1 star to 5 stars. And each rating will be converted to a seller’s rating as well as positive feedback.

Each rating level of a seller, which is shown by different icons, like medals, diamonds or crowns. If you’re new to buying on AliExpress – just buy the diamond and crown seller’s for safes – albeit a bit higher than other stores.

3. Check the feedback of your previously purchased customers

Viewing the feedback of customers who have purchased the product will help us to easily imagine how much better quality the product. The more feedback, with clearer images, the easier it is to evaluate. Usually if the product is defective and poor quality, the reviewer will write quite long and detailed.

4. Read product details

AliExpress is China’s e-commerce platform, so you need to be careful when shopping here to avoid buying fake, inferior quality goods.

5. Select the delivery form on AliExpress

AliExpress offers quite a few different forms of delivery. Free shipping if you choose the form of delivery by post (usually China Post Air Mail). Due to low prices, delivery time can last up to 60 days.

6. Payment Experience

The most popular form of payment on AliExpress is still an international credit / debit card. If you do not have a Visa / Mastercard, it’s pretty hard to buy on AliExpress.

7. How to deal with tariff-related matters

Before order you should check whether the product is in the list of prohibited goods to avoid the goods to the border but kept customs because of the black list.


Here are all the notes I learned during the purchase on AliExpress. I think this is enough for beginners to buy. Although experience is hard to avoid buying the wrong. I also bought a lot of mistakes, but the quality is very much cheap but still ham. Especially in the free shipping.

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