Apple news: Coming Up with Smart Speakers for $199


There are many reasons why Apple is thinking of launching the Smart Speakers for $199, which is much lower than the previous HomePod.

According to Strategy Analytics, of the 9.2 million smart speakers sold in the first quarter of 2018, Apple HomePod accounted for only 600,000 of them. This helped Apple occupy 6% of the smartphone market, followed by Amazon with 43.6% and Google with 26.5%.

It may come from a number of factors, including the slow onset of the HomePod on the market and the $ 349 price tag is not cheap. In addition, Siri’s ability to work much less than what Alexa Amazon and Google’s Assistant.

That’s why Apple plans to offer a cheaper $ 199 speaker as it comes from Taiwan’s supply chain. According to sources, the speakers will be released under the Beats brand. There are several reasons that Apple’s choice of this, including Beats headset technology in the speakers, may be useful. In addition, avoiding using the name Apple from the cheaper smart speaker will help distinguish it from the HomePod.

If HomePod has an edge over competitors, including a 4-inch subwoofer and 7 subwoofer speakers, the Beats speakers bring Apple’s position in the cheaper speaker market.

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