Apple news: iPhone 2018 will running 2 SIM on iOS 12


iPhone 2018 running 2 SIM on iOS 12, this features are a lot of users waiting finally arrived with one of the three iPhone launch this fall.

Accordingly Apple will bring at least one member of the iPhone 2018 capable of supporting 2 SIM – this has never happened before on the iPhone. This information has been rumored before but has now been confirmed by Apple itself through some code in the iOS 12 version 5 beta for developers.

As mentioned in the screenshot below, a component of the diagnostic report generation system includes new references to “second SIM status” and “second SIM tray status”.

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Another part of the code talks about a “dual sim device”. This is evidence that Apple is considering building support software needed for dual SIM functionality right in the iOS version that the company officially released in September. The mention of the second SIM tray implies that the iPhone will have two SIM slots that are not real SIM and eSIM.

Recent rumors say that the biggest (and most expensive) iPhone 2018 will be the 2 SIM version and only for specific regions. This will be useful for people who want to use the 2 SIM for some reason, especially when traveling internationally, where they can continue to use conventional SIM and add a SIM card with cheaper packages in the area they come.

Dual SIM devices are popular in countries like Nigeria, Brazil and Egypt, while dual SIM handsets are the least used in the US, Canada and Australia.

Besides that, the update to iOS 12 beta 5 also revealed some new features included in the HomePod smart speaker, this includes making live phone calls. At this point if the user wants to use HomePod for a call, they must dial or answer on the iPhone, and then select the speaker as the audio output device.

But the beta shows that the user interface includes a fourth icon for the Phone app. It means that users can make calls right on the HomePod’s interactive screen.

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