Apple news: iPhone X is coming with more cheap version


Apple will launch three new iPhone models in September and will have the same design as the iPhone X, with the most interesting product being the 6.1-inch LCD instead of the OLED option.

According to PhoneArena, the reason for the appeal of the product is that it is expected to be much cheaper than the new iPhone X models, despite the 2018 variant of the iPhone X and X Plus is said to be more affordable. than expected. At an attractive price, iPhone fans are not interested in paying $ 1,000 for an iPhone to choose a version that uses an LCD panel.

Not stop there, reports from the Wall Street Journal recently said Apple will continue to produce more affordable iPhone in the near future, seems to dispel the rumors of the future of the iPhone will be OLED. Apple hopes that the new LCD will take up most of its revenues this fall, which has been reported several times in the past, the reason the company puts more LCD panels outperform OLEDs.

In addition, Apple will keep the iPhone version of its iPhone in its product lineup for at least a year, and the move to OLED will be the earliest in 2020 – when the OLED screen will drop. Price is very much when LG, Japan Display and other companies perfect their OLED technology.

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Reports show that Samsung is the only supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone 2017, and each screen costs more than $ 100. The LCD screen costs about $ 40. These costs are charged to consumers because Apple is always looking to keep their huge profits. High price is the reason why iPhone X difficult to sell as what Apple expected, despite this is Apple’s best selling iPhone in two consecutive quarters.

According to the report, LG has been able to supply a certain amount of OLED panels for Apple this year, but Samsung is still the company that benefits most from the iPhone OLED.

Despite the previous report that the iPhone version of the LCD can be sold for $ 550, it is hard to imagine that the price structure will be adopted by Apple in the fall. The most affordable price for the product will be from 649 USD to 699 USD, of which 699 USD is the price for the current iPhone 8.

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