Apple NEWS: Leaking iPhone X Plus power which makes Android fans jealous!


More than two months waiting for the next-generation iPhone launch, but the latest leak of the iPhone 2018 shows that this is the best performance smartphone.

The best iPhone X successor that Apple will sell in September will have a performance-enhancing configuration, which many Android device manufacturers have dreamed of having.

iPhone X has no rivals when it comes to raw power. It’s packed with the fastest chip in the industry, where Qualcomm and Samsung have yet to catch up. The test with the iPhone X running on iOS 11 showed remarkable results compared to the actual speed tests of the top Snapdragon and Exynos chips.

But in the fall, the next generation of iPhone X is even more impressive as Apple is focusing on performance with iOS 12, which is clearly demonstrated in the beta version of the iOS 12 beta launch from early last month. It is not only much more stable than what people expect but also brings noticeable performance to all iPhone running it. There are many speed tests that reveal both real-life performance improvements and better benchmark.

A benchmark test on Geekbench a few days ago showed a device identified as iPhone11,2, running iOS 12 with a 6-core chip and 4 GB RAM. This phone can only be the iPhone X Plus or the iPhone X 2018. Both phones are said to come with 4 GB RAM as recent rumors.

The score shows a significant improvement over the Bionic A11 providing power to the iPhone 2017 model. Specifically, the single-core score is 4673 and the multi-core score is 10912. Compared to the score of the iPhone X, performance increased by about 10% and 7% respectively.

The A12 chip will be Apple’s first 7nm chip and will be the first chip in the industry. That means people can expect better performance improvements from the next-generation Apple processor for the iPhone.

Similarly, Qualcomm and Snapdragon are still working on a second-generation 10-nm chip. That means phones such as OnePlus 6, Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 3 will not be able to pass the iPhone X, or any basic What kind of Android machine is coming out this year? The top Android handsets currently only have scores of around 3400 and 9000 in the same benchmark.

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