Apple news: Look at the unique features of the iPhone 2018


IPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus this year will have more features than the cheaper iPhone 9. Let’s take a look at the unique and unique features on the iPhone 2018.

Apparently, Apple plans to launch three new iPhone models this fall, in addition to the iPhone 9, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus are also very consumer products and technology devotees.

Expected, these two smartphone models will have a screen size of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches respectively. Both will feature higher-end OLED displays instead of LCD screens like the iPhone 9. As the picture leaks, their overall design will remain similar to that of the iPhone X with the “notch” benchmark trend.

Here are the unique features available on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus this year:

Processor A12

Earlier this year, TSMC semiconductor manufacturers announced that they had started mass production of 7nm chips. Previously, the company built A11 chip (process technology 10nm) of Apple so the processor is referred to as A12. According to the manufacturer, the 7nm chip will improve performance by 20% and save up to 40% energy, significantly improving battery life.

The new CPU will be paired with a new GPU, which will make the gaming experience “smoother” and longer. This year’s iPhone will be the first smartphone to use 7nm chip because it was early next year Samsung will use this chip for its products.

Faster data speeds

The new iPhone Xs are expected to feature antenna modules that support the MIMO 4×4 standard, allowing gigabit speeds. Previously, the iPhone last year only supports the standard 2×6 MIMO and Samsung has supported 4×4 MIMO since the Galaxy S7.

In addition, the new antenna system will help improve the coverage of the phone. As a result, they will provide a better user experience for people living outside of urban areas.


Quick Charging support.

The current generation iPhone has quick charging support. However, as Apple is planning to upgrade its ante (antenna) rate, it is likely that smartphones will allow faster charging than current technology. That is not to mention “Apple House” is also planning to build a new 18W charging port to put inside the new iPhone box.


Last year, the company received criticism for its lack of fast charging ports for the iPhone X, forcing users to spend $ 49 more on the charger and $ 25 on the cables. This year, the new 18W charger will definitely be a big improvement over the 5W charging port of the previous year’s iPhone X.

Dual SIM

Surprisingly, the number of SIM compatible with the new Apple iPhone series is an attractive topic of much debate. Some rumors claim that they will have only one eSIM, while others say they will support two SIM cards. Therefore, it is possible that the iPhone 2018 with a 5.8 inch screen will support an eSIM and the larger iPhone Xs Plus will have dual sims.

This may be the first time Apple has integrated dual SIM for the iPhone in history; so far, it has only provided eSIM functionality for the iPad and never launched any smartphones with dual- SIM. This new feature will definitely attract iOS users.

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Although not much, but it is possible that pair of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus 2018 will have 4 GB of RAM. IPhone has never led the amount of RAM, mainly because iOs is well optimized. The previous X phone also ran smoothly with 3 GB of RAM. However, in the smartphone market there are “enemies” that own up to 6 GB of RAM and applications are increasingly taking up more space, the upgrade capacity is indispensable.

iOS 12

About the operating system, all three new devices coming out this fall will all run on iOs 12. This operating system is currently in beta and users can even try it now. The new version will bring improvements to notifications, Siri assistant and even Memoji animation.

Camera with three lenses

This will definitely be an exciting new feature. The latest reports say the iPhone Xs Plus will have three cameras set up on the back. According to sources, only the largest iPhone screen has that feature. This is not the first time Apple has differentiated cameras between phones of different sizes in the same generation. In 2017, when the iPhone 8 Plus has dual cameras, the iPhone 8 still has only a single camera.

Experts hope, “Apple with a bite” will next step Huawei, bringing three-camera systems with a monochrome sensor to improve image quality in low light conditions. Other rumors, however, indicate that the three-camera system will be available on the iPhone 2019.

The rumors of leaks will also appear more before Apple has officially announced the iPhone series this year. We will continue to update the most up-to-date news in the next article, please readers.

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