Apple NEWS: Two models of the iPhone 2018 are dual standby SIM cards


Two models of the iPhone 2018 are dual standby SIM cards and only in the Chinese market, consumers can buy a new iPhone in 2018 with the possibility of two active SIM simultaneously.

A report by the Century Century Business Herald from China states that two of the three new iPhone models that Apple announced in September this year will have two SIMs with two standby modes. Meanwhile, only devices sold in China are equipped with a SIM card that accepts two SIM cards. In other countries, two of the iPhone 2018 members will come with a single SIM card slot and will add a Apple SIM to support the dual SIM feature.

Apple SIM was first introduced in 2014 and embedded within the iPad 2. This allows users to quickly switch networks depending on which provider is offering better pricing, as well as the ability. Internet connection or best features at the time. While more than 180 countries support Apple SIM, China is not in this category. That is why two of the iPhone 2018 models released in China later this year will have a dual SIM card.

The addition of dual-SIM capabilities to the iPhone is expected to help boost sales in Asia and Africa. Statistics from the China Internet Information Center show that between 3 and 4 million Chinese smartphone owners use more than one SIM.

An employee working in the mobile sales channel in China said that many of them have bought an Android phone because the iPhone lacks dual SIM support, and because the battery is less than 3,000 mAh. He added that the iPhone is more influential in China than the Android handsets, and this news will be a big hit on the Android phone manufacturers in that country.

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