Apple news: Will iPhone 2 SIM be available soon this year?


Apple will bring 2 SIM features to two of the three iPhone models this year (2018). The machine will have two SIM slots similar to the current Android device. These products are expected to launch in September, but the high possibility only supports the Chinese market.

In other markets, Apple will only release the iPhone with a SIM slot. The solution that it offers is the addition of eSIM to the device can run dual SIM.

So, what is the eSIM?

eSIM (electric SIM) is a form of electronic sim that is designed to replace the traditional hard-core sims we are using. eSIM can not be removed from the device because it is attached to the board, not the plastic card itself. This makes it easier than ever to use a small-sized electronic device such as a bracelet, Internet of Thing, Smartwatch (Gear S2, S3, and Apple Watch Series 3).

Back to Apple with two SIM slots for the iPhone. This favor makes it easy for Apple to “leverage” many users in Asia and Africa. According to statistics, up to 3 ~ 4 million users in China are using more than one SIM card. And yet, a large number of people choose Android phones just because they support two SIM cards instead of the iPhone has also reflected on their high demand.

Meanwhile, China – the most populated country in the world is always the market “lucrative” leading Apple. The carrying of two SIM slots on the new iPhone is what Apple should do to help increase sales, and at the same time snatch the market share of Android mobile manufacturers are doing the wind on the market today.

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