Apple vs Microsoft: The battle has come to an End!


Microsoft’s head of marketing says the battle between his company and Apple has come to an end. This is a statement that surprised everyone because the days before two representatives of these two companies quarrel non-stop. But that time was over.

The change was made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who accepted the need to make Microsoft’s products to whatever devices could use them, not only Windows.

The early years of the personal computer, we saw the constant battle between Apple and Microsoft. First is was Mac vs. MS-DOS, and then Mac vs. Windows. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates seem to be enemies of each other.

But that is the story of the past, and now the world has been changed. Microsoft sees itself should be cooperating with other tech giants like Apple more than it needs to compete with them.

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Apple and Microsoft in competition

Microsoft’s chief marketing officer Chris Capossela explained the new attitude in an interview with Cheddar, “We need to bring our products on the platforms that our customers are using. So Office on the iPad or iPhone, Minecraft on every platform, that’s just a natural thing for us to do.”
Really, the war between Apple and Microsoft was come to an end form years ago. Especially the appearance of the office apps for the iPad on the Apple Store. This showed that Microsoft had given up trying to make everyone buy a Windows computer.

The company’s new attitude is that it’s more important to Microsoft that increase the number of people use its productivity software than use Windows. To demonstrate, it has over 100 entries in the Apple Store, including OneDrive app and its translator app.

And Microsoft seems to do right way: making software that can help people complete their work.

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