“Black dot of death” is crippling iPhone, iPad – How to fix it?


Users just click on view message as the machine immediately crashes the application and can not continue to open even after a restart.

Last week, the Whatsapp app on Android phones got into trouble with a black dot emoticon. A simple user just send a message with this icon will make the free messaging application on the machine is completely “dirty”. According to BGR, the cause is that black dots consist of several thousand unicode characters and cause the software to fail.

However, Black dot of death is considered to be much more serious on the iOS operating system. Android phone users must click on the message, click on the black dot to cause the application to be “stained”. When this happens, just exit the main screen and turn off the application. However, on the iPhone and iPad, just receive this type of message and click on, the machine has been hanging without even touching the black dot icon.

The bug on iOS is so serious that users can not fix the problem in the normal way. Even when the application is turned off or rebooted, every time it re-enters the messaging application, the device remains “stuck”. If the message is sent as iMessage, the user can delete the message on another device (do not click on it) so that the old device is working properly.

The EverythingApplePro page offers another way to fix the problem. Simply turn off the app and use 3D Touch to create a new message from the home screen, then view the message list and delete the message causing the error. However, not all iOS devices now support touch-enabled.

Apple will have an early fix for iOS, but black dots appear on all devices running the latest iOS. Users should be cautious when receiving these types of messages.


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