Dream of Samfans: Samsung Galaxy X with overflowing screen!


As a leading Android mobile manufacturer. Samsung can not stand to see the other competitors out. Especially the representatives from China with models such as Vivo NEX or Oppo Find X, the products that are stirring the market recently.

And to satisfy the Samfans, designer Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully has unveiled the concept for the Galaxy X. The machine with the screen spill almost completely on the front. The traditional home button is removed and the fingerprint sensor is placed below the screen to give you the best viewing experience as well as enhanced security compared to 3D face scanning.

The speaker phone is designed to be submerged under the screen, giving space for the display surface. This is also a very smart solution of the designer on the Galaxy X. Although some rumors recently also suggest that the Galaxy S10 will completely remove the speaker phone and will equip the product transmission capabilities. the sound over the impulse on the surface.

It does not stop there, it’s equipped with up to three cameras, offering more unique features like 3D shooting, improved capture speed, processing power, as well as ” “Live Focus is better than expected.

Finally, the new colors will give the user more choices. And if you like the design of the Galaxy X, leave a like below the article nhé!

Samsung Galaxy X với màn hình tràn viền: Giấc mơ của Samfans!

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