Eeveals the design drawings of the iPhone X Plus: 3 back cameras like the Huawei P20 Pro


Only in three months, Apple will officially launch the 2018 generation, and now is the time when rumors of the design of the iPhone 2018 become the most rampant.

So far, there have been many experts, including Ming-chi Kuo, the next generation of iPhone is expected to include three different models: an upgraded version of the iPhone X, the successor version of the iPhone X Plus, and a cheap iPhone model.

If the cheap iPhone is seen as a solution for Apple to revive smartphone sales are slowing down in the past, the iPhone X Plus will be the strategic card to help maintain competitiveness with other competitors. Some rumors suggest that the handset will own a 6.5-inch OLED screen with ultra-thin bezel and is equipped with a slim and powerful A12 processor that Apple is developing.

Recently, the design of the iPhone X Plus has suddenly leaked and reveal a very important addition: This phone will use 3 high-end camera like Huawei P20 Pro.

This coincides with the comments made by the experts. Deutsche Securitites analyst Lu Jialin said the cluster would include two stereo-vision lenses and one telephoto lens. In addition, iPhone X Plus also allows users to enhance the actual technology to create 3D images.

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Aside from the camera, the design also shows that the iPhone X Plus will own a 6.5-inch screen and a 6.18-by-3.03-inch display. If it’s accurate, it will be a bit smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus (6.24 by 3.07 inches) but with a much larger screen area (iPhone 8 Plus only has 5.5 inch screen).

In addition, the design drawings of the cheap 6.1 inch iPhone has also been revealed, and this is the iPhone 9 that users are looking forward to after the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (iPhone “ten”) launched at the end of the year. Last. To save on production cost, this model will use the LCD instead of OLED and not support 3D Touch. It measures 5.79 x 2.81 inches and uses only a single rear camera.

In addition, the design of cheap iPhone models have also revealed, there is “notch” but only using a single camera.

The iPhone, which does not appear in the design, is an upgraded version of the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch OLED display. It is likely that all three new iPhone models have TrueDepth camera, face ID and of course, the “notch” featured.

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