Elite Gay Life : Find lasting love!


EliteGayLife is a dating site from the EliteMate.com family and focuses only on Elite Celebrities with clout. It is a new dating site and social network that helps people meet real celebrities

If you’re looking to date/find wealthy celebrity singles or individuals, this is the site for you.

Signup takes less than 2-minutes and you can enjoy unlimited access to all of the features of this site.

EliteGayLife.com delivers features unlike any other gay online matchmaking service in the world. Where ever someone lives, and whether they are seeking someone to hang out with or someone to share their life with, EliteGayLife.com has millions of interesting, hip, attractive, single men and women to choose from. EliteGayLife.com succeeds at adding immense variety to peoples’ social lives while greatly increasing their chances of a quality match. While some sites may have some of the features EliteGayLife.com offers, no other dating service has all the features EliteGayLife.com offers.
You can now meet famous single people!

FREE REGISTRATION RESIDENTS: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

  1. erickevil says

    I need to find my half!

  2. marcellazim says

    Sites like this should have more to offer. Living busy with work do not have much time to meet each other directly.

  3. lateonjawadlington says

    I will register! Create opportunities for me :-*

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