Galaxy Note 9 concept: Perfectly inherited from the design of the Note 8


Incredible Galaxy Note 9 concept, perfect inheritance from the design of the Note 8, integrated fingerprint sensor under the screen. However, all just to the level of rumors, Samsung has not yet confirmed any official design of the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ is currently the hottest and most impressive smartphone on the market today. With outstanding performance and numerous camera enhancements and video recording capabilities. However, the only problem that S9 / S9+ encountered at this point is that although the design is still full, but not too much refreshing innovation compared to its predecessor S8 / S8+.

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This may be a valuable experience for Samsung and Galaxy Note 9 coming soon. Some sources suggest that the Korean manufacturer plans to launch the next flagship sooner than expected because:

  • The emergence of Note 9 may in part stimulate the user’s shopping needs for S9 / S9 +.
  • Note 9 will have a “free time” before facing the pressure of the successor of the iPhone X, expected to launch in September 2018
Galaxy-Note-9-come out-in-August
Will the Galaxy Note 9 come out in August, earlier than expected?

Whatever the reason is, the most important thing is that Note 9 needs to own a more breakthrough design that can conquer the user at first sight, just like what S8 / S8 + or Note 8 did. Recently, graphic designer Muhsin M. Belaal, YouTube channel DBS Designing, unveiled the first concept photos of the Galaxy Note 9. Belaal is also famous for its “imaginative” design of smartphones, which not yet launch, but those designs are quite accurate.

According to previous rumors, Note 9 will own the same hardware configuration as the S9+ design inherited from Note 8. This smartphone is more likely to be equipped with Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810 processor (depending on area), Super AMOLED screen with the best display quality today.

The biggest question now is whether the Galaxy Note 9 will have a built-in fingerprint sensor like what Vivo has done. This is probably the most controversial issue ever. Some one say Samsung will race the feature on its next flagship, while others say the company is still struggling with production and has no choice but to integrate it. Fingerprints on the back of the machine.

Will the Galaxy Note 9 have an impressive square design?

Samsung Note is not usually rounded as much as the S model, and the Galaxy Note 9 will continue this tradition. Even in the rendered image below, the four corners of the Note 9 are squarely shaped than the Note 8, which gives a very solid and solid design but is no less delicate.

Let’s take a look at some of the impressive concept photos of the Galaxy Note 9 designed by Belaal, before the super product is officially launched in the future. Note, all just stop at the level of concept image, and Samsung has not confirmed any information regarding the official design of the Note 9.

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