Galaxy S10: The chance for Samsung to improve their smartphone design!


The Galaxy S10 is likely to become the flagship with the largest display ratio (vs. body), larger battery life and excellent camera experience.

The design of the top smartphones has hardly changed over the years. High-end equipment from many OEMs has almost the same formula as the metal frame, glass body and only minor differences in details such as buttons, cameras and connectors.

The smartphone design has grown significantly over the past decade, but it’s not as fun anymore. Consumers now pay close to $ 1,000 for a flagship that differs from the predecessor’s device is negligible. That is also why we hear that the Galaxy S9 has lower sales than the Galaxy S8 despite Samsung’s claim that the device will overtake sales of its predecessor.

However, with the Samsung S10, Samsung has the opportunity to make the world again excited by the design of a smartphone. This is the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S line and is a good time for Samsung to surprise everyone. Some leak information even confirmed the Galaxy S10 will integrate fingerprint ultrasonic sensors directly into the screen.

There are many devices on the market today with higher screen-to-body ratios than the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + (83.6% and 84.2%, respectively). Part of the reason is that some Android manufacturers compromise using a “rabbit ears” design similar to Apple’s iPhone X. However, almost no news that Samsung is planning to use the “rabbit ears” for the Galaxy S10.

Almost all Android flagships are becoming more and more similar due to the use of “rabbit ears”. This is clearly not what the user wants and of course they are expecting a change. This is a chance for Samsung to showcase and push the mobile industry to a new design trend.

Look carefully at the front of the Galaxy S9 and S9 + you will find that the two sides are almost no border because the Infinity Display screen is bent in this direction. So, to create a new chapter in smartphone design, Samsung can make the edges of the bottom edge of the screen even thinner, even curved at both ends. If this is the case, the Galaxy S10 will impress with a 100% screen-to-body ratio.

However, this design requires Samsung to solve some problems. Specifically, the company must find out where to place selfie camera, iris scanner and some other components. The technology is not advanced enough for Samsung to put all the components below the screen. Maybe the Galaxy S10 can adopt a slide mechanism similar to the MIX 4 concept from Doogee or own a mechanical module that can slide up when needed on the top.

Most fans will not care that Samsung makes the Galaxy S10 a bit thicker to ensure that all the necessary ports and important 3.5mm headphone jack are retained. Increased internal space will also allow the company to insert larger batteries.

So, the Galaxy S10 is likely to become the flagship with the largest display ratio (vs. body), larger battery life and excellent camera experience. Even with the release of the Galaxy S10 at higher prices, Samsung will still win more customers than the current Galaxy S9.

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