GetMyInsurance Auto: The best Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance!


Everyone looks for ways to tighten their budgets. At GetMyInsurance, we offer several ways to help you save money on your auto insurance and get more for your insurance value.

Preferred Rates
We recognize educators tend to be better drivers, so we offer preferred rates to educators.


We offer many ways to lower your rates with discounts for policyholders who have multiple policies with us, association members, students with good grades, educators who use payroll deduction for their auto premium, and more.

Flexible Deduction Options
Choosing the right auto insurance deductible for your comprehensive and collision coverages is very important, as it is the amount of money you must pay before your insurance begins covering your loss. A higher deductible usually means premium savings, but in turn you take on more of the risk.

Add It All Up
While you may think about savings in terms of dollars and cents, be aware of everything that makes up your insurance value – quality coverage, customer-centric service, a competitive price and a company you can count on.

Talk to your GetMyInsurance insurance agent about maximizing your insurance dollar while ensuring you have the protection you need.

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Note: this offer only available in U.S! 

  1. erickevil says

    I want to start car insurance in March.

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    I want to buy school insurance for my children. I want to receive the details of privileges, benefits … when joining it. can you send me?

  3. ChristiLevine says

    I’m about to expire my insurance policy. I am looking for a new insurance package.

    1. Gloria Vela says

      I am using this service, fast, convenient and very secure.

      1. Taheedah Davie says

        I also participated in this program.

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    I am looking for insurance for the elderly.

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    Very good! I want to take out insurance for myself.

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