How to find out your MacBook battery cycle count?


Macbook is one of the apple products that are very much preferred, after a period of use, the battery status of the Macbook is always of interest to many users.How to find out your MacBook battery cycle count? Actually You can also manually check the battery cycle charge of the Macbook without having to install any other software.

The MacBook’s battery cycle count is a very important parameter, reflecting the “health” of the MacBook. Especially for those who want to buy an old MacBook, sure to check the battery charge is an indispensable operation.

So, how to find out your MacBook battery cycle count?

First, on the desktop, users click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen> select About This Mac.

In the window that appears, click on System Report

Finally, find the Power section for the Health Information section. Cycle Count is the number of times your MacBook battery charged (a battery cycle count is calculated based on the use of all the battery’s power, but not necessarily on a single charge.), Condition is the shortest review of the status of the battery (if no problem will notice Normal).

Here are three simple steps to check “How to find out your MacBook battery cycle count?” We hope this article is really useful for everyone, especially those who are in need of an old MacBook.

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