Huawei may be developing its own Operating System instead of Android


When it taking about mobile Operating Systems, there are really only two main options: iOS and Android, despite efforts by vendors to have a separate mobile operating system platform.

According to Neowin, the list of mobile operating system developers may soon see the emergence of a new name, Huawei, as the company is said to be developing its own operating system instead of Android.

Huawei’s development of its own operating system can come from a variety of reasons, including ZTE is banned from buying components from companies based in the United States. ZTE is currently considered a national security threat to the UK, and may also lose its Android license from Google. Huawei, another Chinese company, could be under the same threat.

Even without the US-China tension, there are many reasons Huawei may be to develop its own Operating System. For example, the company may be looking to reduce dependence on other companies in general – as it did in the mobile processor business. While it still uses third-party processors, many of its devices use chips built by the company itself.


According to rumors, Huawei has developed its own operating system since the US government began investigating the company in 2012. The company has not only a smartphone and tablet operating system, but also for PCs. The development of the operating system was put into operation by Huawei’s founder and chairman, Ren Zhengfei. The operating system has yet to appear because it is not polished like Android and as you might expect, third-party support is lacking. If Huawei was cut off by Android and US manufacturers, it would be in far better position to compare to ZTE because it did not depend on Qualcomm for its processor. The company may also rely on its own operating system, but is currently dependent on Google’s Android. Basically, the Justice Department’s investigation could have a significant impact on how Huawei conducts its business in the future.


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