IFan was able to download the iOS 12 public beta version


Since launching iOS 12 on June 4, Apple has today allowed users to download the first public beta

First, you should back up the data on your iOS device in case you encounter an error and want to return to iOS 11.

To be able to download iOS 12 public beta, you must register your device under the Apple beta here by clicking Sign in and logging in with your Apple account.

Next, select the iOS tab and click on “enroll your iOS device”. From your iOS device, you visit the beta.apple.com/profile page to download a new profile. Then, you restart your ios device and go to Settings to check for updates. Finally, download and experience this new beta.

Compared with the Developer Preview, this beta is stable and improves performance better. Apple allows users to upgrade to iOS 12 beta public from any device that can run iOS 11. That means you can download this beta version from iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. If the developer license requires $ 99 per year, the public beta is free for the user.

iOS 12 is a major update to the iOS operating system, introducing users to many new features. Some noteworthy features are FaceTime Group, many new Animoji and Memoji features that let you create Personalized Animoji just like you.

Apple offers iOS 12 for developers and beta public to users a few months before the official release. This gives Apple time to detect bugs. The official update will be released this fall.

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