iPhone 2019 will have 3 cameras – take better pictures and fingerprint sensor under the screen?


Analysts famous from the firm Rosenblatt Jun Zhang believes that Apple will upgrade the strong waves on generation iPhone camera in 2019. Apple is expected to launch three iPhone models this year, but the 2018 generation will not be much different from the iPhone last year. In part, Apple is focusing its efforts on the iPhone 2019 with more “better” features including a cluster of 3 cameras on the back.

According to analyst Jun Zhang, Apple is likely to use 3D ToF sensor technology for the back camera. The 3D ToF camera technology allows for faster focus and focus. In particular, the shutter speeds can reach 160 frames per second.

Not only does the volume increase, Apple is expected to continue to expand its camera functions, including speeding up capture, improving zoom capabilities with telephoto, especially improving overall camera performance. Highly detailed even in low light conditions.

Although it is too early to mention plans to launch a new iPhone in 2019, but according to recent disclosures, Apple is considering taking the fingerprint sensor back to the iPhone 2019.

According to another rumor, Apple is secretly developing ultrasonic fingerprint sensors under the display. This will be an important premise for Apple to soon bring sensor Touch ID back on the iPhone 2019.

Insider disclosed that Apple is working with partners to test the accuracy of the sensor on the iPhone 2019 prototype.

According to the latest information, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone model LCD this year with many colors the same as the iPhone 5c. Apple’s strategy is to attract more customers, especially young people.

While Apple is also likely to introduce the new iPhone SE 2 or iPhone SE (2018) at the launch of the new iPhone in the fall. It can be said that the end of 2018 will be the most exciting and exciting time of the technology world this year.

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