iPhone X & iPhone 8 Fast Charge: Only 1/4 Apple charge’s price, charge up 50% in 30 minutes


New iPhone X & iPhone 8 Fast Charge: Only $20, 1/4 Apple charge’s price, charge up 50% in 30 minutes, with Lightning cable to USB-C.

One of the noteworthy upgrades to the new iPhone in 2017 (iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus) is that the machines also support fast recharging. This is a very useful feature and has been on the Android device for a long time, but not until last year the new iPhone support.

Imagine that the iPhone supports fast recharging, but Apple will give it a quick charger in the box, but not. Users will have to spend $25 for Apple’s Lightning to USB-C cable, plus a USB-C adapter that supports Power Delivery (the cheapest 29W adapter that Apple sells for $49). Thus, the total cost that users will have to invest up to 74 dollars.

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Of course, users can buy some third-party adapters, which support USB-C PD for a cheaper price. However, the Lightning to USB-C cable is something we have to buy from Apple, as Apple has not yet licensed the Lightning to USB-C MFP (Made for iPhone) cable for the sub-manufacturer. to sue. This means that all third-party Lightning-to-USB-C cables do not meet the MFi standard and can not be quickly charged to the iPhone.

However, we recently had the opportunity to experience a quick charger for iPhone from RockSpace. RockSpace advertises this charger cable that supports fast charging for the iPhone via the USB-C PD standard, while the price of the set is only $20, equal to 1/4 the price of the cable and charger Apple. Let’s check it out.

Power Delivery Fast Charging
Lightning to USB-C cable and Adapter


PD Adapter


iPhone X speed charging

However, there is a note that after reaching 75%, the charging speed will be significantly slower. If from 0% to 79% takes less than 60 minutes, to achieve the remaining 20%, users will spend 45 minutes. The total time to charge the iPhone X is 105 minutes, meaning almost 2 hours. This is probably the way to extend the life of the battery.

We tried a comparison with a “Apple Quick Charger” with an Apple Lightning to USB-C cord and a USB-C 87W charger that came with the MacBook Pro and the result was similar: the full charge time for iPhone X was 2 hours, in which the charge rate will slow down when the battery reaches 75%.

The fact that this charger is a fast charger for the iPhone is a shock to us, as mentioned above, Apple has not yet issued a Lightning to USB-C MFi certificate for any manufacturer. any. But that is the theory, but the reality is we have seen so clearly: RockSpace cable charger allows users to quickly charge iPhone without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

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