iPhone X version “billionaire” is priced at £100000! – iPhone X Diamond Cluster 24K Gold!


GoldGenie, the luxury goldsmithing company, has introduced a special version of the iPhone X, which it calls a billionaire product and is sold for £ 100,000.

According to GSMArena, for successful entrepreneurs, smartphones stand out among their business outfits, so, owning a phone with normal plastic or metal body next to the Rolex will reduce some of the luxury.

Understanding that demand, GoldGenie is a company specializing in processing top devices to make them more “expensive”, and iPhone X is the product has just been reworked in the company as a version. other.

Specifically, in the iPhone X by GoldGenie, the internal components are still taken from the Apple iPhone X, but the entire body of the camera and the camera sensor is made of 18K gold.

To increase the level of luxury, the iPhone X version “billionaire” will be placed separately in a luxurious oak box. In addition, the back of the machine is engraved with the words “Diamond Cluster” and “24K Gold” so people easily recognize this is a very different mobile product not cheap.

The sale price of the product is listed up to £100,000, and the buyer needs to deposit 50% for the processing company to receive the machine.

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