Move to iOS: Transfer data from Android to iOS easily and quickly!


When transferring data from your Android phone to your iPhone running iOS, you not only switch to a new device, but also switch to a brand new operating system.

But not so that you can not transfer data from the old Android device to the new iPhone. With the support tools, transferring data from Android to iPhone is very simple and fast.

Move to iOS – An Apple-released application on the Play Store app store – that can help Android users to easily transfer important data such as contacts, photos, calendars and more to the iPhone.

How to use Move to iOS? –  Very simple, but before you start with the new iPhone, there are a few steps to take that we will introduce soon.

Step 1: Back up all your data

Before switching to a new device, make sure all your data is backed up safely. The simplest instructions to transfer all your data from Android to iPhone

On Android, go to Settings -> Backup & reset, on some machines, the option may be in the Cloud & accounts. Log in at least one email account in the Backup account. Finally at the Backup my account, turn it on.

Step 2: Install Google Photos on your Android

For many people, retaining the image is of great concern when moving to a new device.

There are many ways to transfer photos from your old phone to your new one, where Google Photos is a quick and easy way.

Google Photos is compatible with both iOS and Android. It supports auto-backup, offers unlimited storage, so you should use Google Photos on all your devices and back up at all times.

Before getting started, go to the Play Store and download if Google Photos is not available. Next, let Photos back up all the photos in your phone. When you switch to the new iPhone, just download Photos from the App Store, sign in and all your photos are in it.

Step 3: On Android device, download Move to iOS from Google Play Store.

According to Business Insider, Move to iOS supports transferring a large amount of data from Android to iOS without the need to do it manually or using a computer. The application can transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos, browser bookmarks, email accounts and calendars.

To get started, turn on the new iPhone. In the setup process, select the option Move data from Android, then enter the current 12 numbers on the iPhone to Move to iOS on Android.

Your iPhone will create two separate Wi-Fi networks for data transfer.

This process also involves transferring your previously backed up photos to Google Photos. It seems superfluous, but just saved in the cloud just makes your photos more secure.

Step 4: Start data transfer

It will take a while to complete. Once the process is finished, the Android screen will show a message advising you to bring it to the Apple Store for recycling.

The iPhone will show the option to complete the setup.

Step 5: Download all your favorite iPhone apps

So you have a new iPhone with most of the data from the old Android is kept unchanged, of course not including the installed applications.

You will have to go to the App Store to reload the previously used applications. If you ever buy a paid app on the Play Store, you have to buy them.

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