Netherlands offer: Get a 250€ Jumbo Gift Card!


Jumbo – one of the largest supermarkets in the Netherlands, with thousands of products: beauty, furniture, home appliances, food …
Because of that convenience, with the Dutch people, the shopping in Jumbo is no stranger.
Instead of giving thanks to customers, Jumbo has released 1,000 vouchers with €250 discount for 1,000 quick and lucky customers.
€250 Jumbo Gift Card is not limited to shopping items and is valid for 12 months from the delivery date, so the winner will be free to choose and shop at Jumbo supermarket.

Click here to get the €250 Jumbo Gift Card

  1. Anita Frame says

    Ik heb heel eenvoudig deelgenomen. Ik zal het aan mijn vrienden voorstellen

  2. akbarapachecos says

    Ik lees precies 1000 kansen voor klanten! Ik heb de programmavereisten voltooid.

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