Nokia 7 Plus Review: Beautiful design, good performance, top camera, but enough to attractive?


At the price up to $400, will the advantages of Nokia 7 Plus bring enough convincing?

Under the new home – HMD Global – the Nokia brand has been revitalized and penetrated markets since 2017 with many products ranging from low to mid range. With the start of a smooth transition, HMD Global continues to launch three new products in the first half of this year, including the Nokia 7 Plus that many users have been waiting for since appearing at the MWC 2018 event.

Different design

In recent years, smartphone products have been following a design trail, some of which are polished, but fingerprints are retractable and others are monolithic aluminum. And from the moment I picked up the Nokia 7 Plus, my clumsiness was gradually erased. Basically, this new product still carries on its aluminum mono layer, covered with ceramic, curved at the four corners of the machine, however, it has a torus with copper metal rims that make the Nokia 7 Plus has a unique feature that almost no other product in the market has. These gold-plated bracelets highlighted the chassis, impressing anyone at first sight. Not only in the frame, both the rear camera border and the fingerprint sensor border is covered with this color, creating a nice black-gold tone for the product.

Image result for nokia 7 plus

If you look closely, the screen also has a thin copper gold rim, so that the front of the machine also break and more special than other competitors in the market. The glass of the screen is slightly curved, with a gold-plated bezel that creates a nice touch, especially when the backlight is off. Gold border makes a difference and that is the advantage of this Nokia 7 Plus. However, its design is still not perfect, specifically the rear camera of the machine is still quite bulky and also because it is so unstable when placed on the table. Not only that, but the thing that I fear most is the proliferation of this camera that can lead to the quality of the lens will go down through the months of use due to scratches. So for protection, you need to equip this phone with a bracelet but the cost is to be covered by its distinctive gold border.

In addition, the virtual navigation button is not allowed to change to the Gestures like the iPhone X or some of the current Android products in the market such as Vivo, Huawei, Oppo … Also, the display experience is limited. a little and not quite complete.

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Performance and experience

Using the Snapdragon 660 processor with 4GB of RAM, the Nokia 7 Plus promises good performance in the mid-range and high-end segment. And to test its power, I’ve run a variety of games, from PUBG Mobile, Fifa, Iron Blade to Need For Speed No Limits, all for speed and smooth operation. Another commendable point is the ability of heat dissipation of the machine very well, playing games in the hot weather in Saigon this week does not make me uncomfortable when holding long.

With a 6-inch screen with Full HD + resolution, the Nokia 7 Plus offers an over-display experience for gamers and video players. The screen brightness of this smartphone is quite good enough to see the content in the sun (but depending on the angle of light and the angle of the camera, because the screen is quite polished so it will sometimes reflect the ball. trees or other objects).

nokia 7 plus screen

Image is okay but the sound is not good, that is my judgment after playing the game with this smartphone. The Nokia 7 Plus has a built-in speakerphone on the bottom of the phone, which means that when you hold the game forwards, the finger will inadvertently cover the speaker and can not hear the game or the sound in the action phase. . To fix, you must wear a headset or connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

About security, Nokia 7 Plus offers two options: password and fingerprint identification. Surprisingly, this product, although priced at nearly $400, does not have the ability to recognize face to unlock, something quite flawed when products at lower price are also equipped.

 nokia 7 plus

Impressive camera

The Nokia Lumia line of phones has impressed users with its high-end Zeiss optics and professional-looking interfaces. And to keep that in mind, Nokia 7 Plus still delivers that breath, on a newer body.

There is no physical capture key, but the camera still offers the ability to quickly open the camera by double-pressing the Power button, which is quite handy and the camera application starts up very quickly.

I was quite impressed with the speed and focus of this phone, although not touching the focus point, but the machine is still very good subject auto. The original camera interface of the Nokia 7 Plus is also quite simple, just enough features for the basic user to choose. But for those who like fun photography, attaching stickers such as Samsung or Oppo, Vivo is not yet available, and perhaps this phone is suitable for users who intend to take serious photos.

nokia 7 plus camera


Swinging the right-to-left photo key, you’ll see a series of adjustment bars for professional photographers. The animation looks pretty, but also because of that the adjustable bar is slow, usually wait about 1-2 seconds. In terms of image quality, the Nokia 7 Plus gives a very detailed picture, with color displayed close to reality, especially the noise-canceling algorithms of the machine are also quite effective to bring the photos are light and dark. brilliant light.

photo taken by nokia 7 plus


Nokia 7 Plus launches in 2018, but there are still some cool features like face security, sticker, gesture navigation and rabbit ears. However, that’s what you have to sacrifice, in return for running the Android One operating system, cutting back on the applications and redundant features to make sure the product runs smoothly. In addition, the Android One is promised Google updates constantly to get the best performance and security so this is the plus point that consumers can get.

In general, if you are a Nokia fan, or a Zeiss Zeiss optics enthusiast, or are looking for a mid-range / high-end product with a distinctive design and good processor performance. 7 Plus is a smartphone to be interested. On the contrary, for consumers who want a product that is full of performance and fun features, the Nokia 7 Plus will not be convincing enough for nearly $400.


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