Nokia X Concept : The great smartphone that many people want to own!


Instead of focusing solely on Samsung, Apple, designers are increasingly interested in creating the concept of Nokia smartphones – especially the concept for Nokia X.

After being bought by HMD Global, the Nokia brand is returning extremely strong. Recent Nokia’s smartphones have received positive reviews both in terms of aesthetics and durability. After the concept of Nokia 9 not long ago, recently Nokia X concept with extremely masculine design has been posted.

Nokia X Concept - 1
Nokia X Concept - 2
This concept is quite different from the concept we have seen recently. In this Nokia X concept looks like a smartphone from the future, not following the current trend of rabbit ears. Of course, a smartphone from the future can not lack fingerprint technology integrated under the screen.
Nokia X Concept - 3.
Nokia X Concept - 4.

Previously, Nokia has launched a Nokia X Android running, but currently no information has shown that HMD Global will revive this smartphone. But after knowing this Hege’s concept, HMD changed his mind.

Nokia X Concept - 5.
Nokia X Concept - 6.
Nokia X Concept - 7.

Nokia X in this concept using metal frames and other models using metal frame and glass. Instead of using a rabbit ear, The top of the Nokia X has a beveled corner on the front for the front camera and sensor. The upper and lower edges are minimized in size while the sides are almost completely removed.

Behind the camera is a dual camera cluster with fingerprint sensor. The camera of the Nokia X will be equipped with ZEISS lenses as well as the elder. The color options of the Nokia X are also quite varied.

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