Official: Samsung Note 9 announces launch date and real photos


After being informed of Samsung’s postponement of the release of Note 9, two weeks to change its design, the official launch date for the handset has been revealed. Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be released on August 9, 2018, two weeks earlier than the release of Note 8 last year.

But also at this time, the images are said to be the first real image of the Note 9 has appeared. You can see that overall, it has nothing to do with Note 8 on the front, but the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back has been shifted to a vertical similar to Note 9. Meanwhile, The top and bottom edges of the screen are very thin, a significant upgrade compared to Note 8.

The images also show that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also have the same number of sensors on the front as Note 8, which means that the iris scanning feature to unlock will still exist.

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