Owning the Samsung Galaxy S7 is no longer difficult!


Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been launched, technology fans in general, Samsung’s fans in particular have to admit that Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a great smartphone today.

Samsung S7 with IP68 Waterproof, fingerprint sensor as well as heart rate and super camera help S7 remain the most valuable Flagship with consumers.

Samsung to create a lucky draw – 70 lucky Americans will have a chance to own the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $0.


Participants must Click here to participate in the survey, and the selected person will be contacted by email.

Note: This chance only for Americans and will be expire at May 3rd, 2018.


  1. Gloria Vela says

    Opportunity for 70 lucky people. I attended!

  2. SarinaWalther says

    I’m still happy to have this phone.

    1. lateonjawadlington says

      God bless! Me and you are lucky in this program.

  3. Jean Stanko says

    I want my friends to know this program as well. I called them.

  4. antoinevictoria says

    My friend received it. We had a fun party together!

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