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Would you like shopping by credit card? Every month, do you make a lot of transactions through credit card? With smart people, they really need to know how to manage their finances. Do you need to have your finances statistics spend all the time? To do that, you need to go to the bank and ask the bank staff to print out your transaction details. However, it takes time and fee per request.

Backhanders’ payment page will help you do it for free and fast! Why do we need your billing information?
Because we are only licensed to distribute our content to certain countries, we ask that you verify your mailing address by providing us with a valid credit card number. We GUARANTEE that NO CHARGES will be applied for validating your account. No charges will appear on your credit card statement unless you upgrade to a Premium Membership or make a purchase.

Get involved today!

    • Free registration!
    • Access from any device
    • Free card verification
    • Never any Hidden Fees


We make sure to provide our members with a detailed transaction history so that they know what they are paying for. Credit card information is required to facilitate future purchases only. No charges will appear on your credit card statement, unless you upgrade to Premium Membership or you make a purchase.


Be smart consumers!

Note: This offer only available in Taiwan, Austria, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Brunei, Bahrain, Singapore, Luxembourg, Qatar, Oman, Hungary, Romania, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Russian Federation, San Marino.

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  1. DocGullett says

    Yo participé Voy a presentarle a mi amigo.

  2. AnnabiBarnet says

    I have to pay for this service. I will try my luck.

    1. LawrenceNorfleet says

      Saya menghadapi kesulitan menyertai program ini, bolehkah anda membantu saya?

  3. mathiascarian says

    Én is részt veszek ebben a szolgáltatásban. Szükségem van rá.

    1. Taheedah Davie says

      Ich komme aus Österreich. Ich möchte diese Promotion auch erhalten.

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