How people in Australia has redeemed $145 Netflix?


Netflix, founded in 1997, is an entertainment company which has expanded from DVD by mail to online subscription streaming service for TV and movies. You can choose from their online library, which carries both mainstream and their own “Netflix Exclusive” shows. Although based in California, United States, Netflix is also available worldwide. They have different types of subscriptions depending on your needs and budget.

Enjoy your $145 Netflix gift card; choose from thousands of movies and TV shows, not just for you but also for kids and teens. No matter what you are in the mood for right now, Netflix is sure to have something for you in their library. Redeem your Netflix gift card by going to, click on the Redeem gift card link, and enter your gift card code. It’s that easy!


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STEP 2: Click here or the image below:


STEP 3: Follow the instructions.

Update (December 12th, 2018): Our team in Australia actually take this chance to get Netflix Gift card on the weekend and we just received it yesterday!

Note: This offers only available in Australia.  

  1. marcellazim says

    I received a gift card! Very simple and fast. thanks Surveywikis!

  2. lateonjawadlington says

    I was not lucky this time … hopefully there will be more programs in the near future for me to join

  3. GregFenky says

    Netflix gift card! great!

  4. Michelle Streeter says

    The package I’m using is also about to expire. This is a good opportunity for me!

  5. Leona Best says

    It’s simple to get $ 145 from Netflix!

    1. Jean Stanko says

      I just received the contact for the award. I’m so happy now !

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