Power Floss Water Jet – A Beautiful Smile Boosts Confidence – Best deal!


Imagine, when we laugh, appear in front of the opposite person is a gold teeth or accompanied by our words emitted what the “unpleasant smell” will be like? So, a beautiful tooth, a bright smile will help us a lot more confidence in life. What to expect? Use immediately dental whitening equipment Power Floss Water Jet – a safe and effective oral care solution for smiling and bright white.


  • No electricity, no batteries
  • Use water pressure to clean
  • Comfortable and very safe
  • Compact, easy to maintain


The Power Floss oral hygiene tools do not use electricity or batteries that use airborne technology. With a push button, pressurized air expels the water to accelerate and then release it to help lighten the plaque lightly and effectively return you white teeth.



  • Power Floss does not use electricity, not batteries
  • Use water pressure to clean your mouth with a single press of a button
  • With strong water pressure will completely dislodged the leftovers in the interstice
  • You will feel completely comfortable, comfortable and very safe
  • Uses and cleanses the eyebrows extremely simple, high durability
  • Compact design, easy to maintain, extremely convenient to bring to the office or travel



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