Reward Zone USA: How to win An iPhone 7 for free!


With the policy of the US Mobile network, the chance to own a new iPhone 7 is not difficult, however, with the monthly fee, it’s really annoying for economically tight people.

Referring to Apple is that people will think of perfection. Perfect in design, functional and quality. Besides, it is a bold step when removing the 3.5mm audio jack.

Features Waterproof, dust-proof with IP67 standards are also included in the iPhone 7, the Home key is replaced with hard keys, to help reduce the risk of water.

How to own a new iPhone 7 without a monthly fee, just for free? Those seemingly absurd questions can now be resolved easily.

You just CLICK HERE and follow the instructions, you will have the chance to own the new iPhone 7 without any fees.

Note: This Reward Zone only USA and will be expire at May 10th, 2018

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  1. Antoine victoria says

    I’m not afraid to pay but free anyway is great!

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