Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X will launch sooner than expected!


Until May, rumors of the Galaxy S10 have begun. This is obviously a strange thing, as we should have heard rumors of Galaxy Note 9 rather than S10. A few days ago, a reliable source revealed some important information about the configuration of the Galaxy S10. And today, another source said that this product will probably be released sooner than expected.

Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to appear in January next year, at CES 2019, and that’s exactly the kind of rumors about the Galaxy S that we expect in the months after Apple launched its new iPhone (September 2018). Samsung has been rumored to be launching the next Galaxy S at CES over the years, and it has never happened before. But this time, rumors may come true, and perhaps the 2018 iPhone is not the cause.

This information was provided by The Bell, a Korean financial newspaper. Accordingly, the Galaxy S10 will indeed debut at CES next year, and the production process will begin in October this year. But that is also what this newspaper says about the Galaxy S10. Why so little? Because its purpose is to talk about Samsung’s first foldable phone!

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The name is not yet known as the Galaxy X – a name that can be confusing if the next Galaxy S actually calls it the S10, Samsung’s first foldable phone finally came true. The highly capable Galaxy X will be introduced at MWC 2019 in February. MWC is a strange place, because Samsung will introduce the latest Galaxy S here. Therefore, it is understandable why Samsung has to move the Galaxy S10 to January, giving way to Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X has just been added a new code named Winner, showing the launch date of this phone is near. Earlier, in 2015, the foldable phone project was called “Valley.” Samsung will begin outsourcing contracted components for the upcoming 11-inch touchscreen phone. However, the Galaxy X will only be released very limited, as Samsung still want to evaluate the market taste for the new folding screen device before launching more widely.

The sources also said the folding screen Galaxy was introduced quietly to partners at CES this year. The phone has a foldable design and comes with three 3.5-inch OLED displays: one on the outside and two on the inside. 3.5-inch screen size of the old iPhone 2G.

Two 3.5-inch screens on the inside open up to form the front of the device. As a result, we have a device with a 7-inch screen, though this is not exactly accurate because the screen will be somewhere between 6 and 7 inches. The third OLED screen is outside the device, allowing the user to interact with the machine when it is folded.

It is still too early to say whether this model will become a commercial version that Samsung will sell next year. And do not forget that there is always the possibility that Samsung will continue to delay its foldable phone as it did before.

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