Samsung Galaxy S10 will be integrated Sound on Display?


No need to use speakers, the screen will be the speaker of the phone. This is a technology that has been implemented in practice and can be integrated into the Galaxy S10.

For a while, there was information that Samsung has successfully researched the speaker technology on the Sound on Display. This technology was used by Xiaomi on the Mi Mix Smart phone.

More specifically, thanks to Piezoelectric Speaker technology, Samsung phones can transmit sound as vibration voltages across the screen to the user’s ears.

After that, this technology has been presented to Samsung at the exhibition SID (Society for Information Display). The prototype used to test this technology has a design similar to the Galaxy S9+. Tourists at the event also joked that this is the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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Information from South Korea says both Samsung and LG are ready to commercialize this speaker technology. With Samsung, rumors suggest that Sound on Display will be integrated into a 6.2-inch smartphone. Quite coincidentally this is the expected screen size of the Galaxy S10.

Through Sound on Display, the sound is emitted at 100-8000 Hz. Thanks to the vibration, the sound will be transmitted to the user if they apply the ear to the upper half of the screen.

In fact, Vivo recently launched a phone using the same technology. The manufacturer calls the new technology Screen Soundcasting. Vivo also said that this solution helps to save energy, optimize and limit the sound leakage.

With LG, the manufacturer has released a TV capable of transmitting audio through the screen. LG is also planning to bring similar technology to their smartphones.

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