Samsung Galaxy S9 International Giveaway – SurveyWikis Sweepstakes


Samsung Galaxy S9 International Giveaway – SurveyWikis Sweepstakes!

Galaxy s9 is now the hot phone of Samsung. It’s comparable to the current Apple iPhone. In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is far more advantageous than the Apple iPhone X. Therefore, it is no wonder Apple is giving out incentives for iFans, especially the chance to own iPhone X at an unbelievable price!

If Apple could risk losing with iPhone sweepstakes , in order to attract more consumers, then Samsung also played no less when it opened sweepstakes to compete with Apple iPhone. Samsung Galaxy S9 Giveaway is a great program for users to own the new Samsung smartphone at a discount price. However, to own it, you need a little luck because of the limited number Galaxy S9 and the number of participants is so much.

How to get the Samsung Galaxy S9 Giveaway:

1. Simply visit the official promotion page Samsung Galaxy S9 Giveaway here!

2. Enter your email address and pay $1

CLICK HERE to check for Samsung Galaxy S9 International Giveaway are still available.



Other chance to own Samsung Galaxy S9 Giveaway for some country: Taiwan, Austria, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, San Marino, Hungary, Romania, Kuwait, Qatar, Luxembourg,Oman, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea.

For United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Republic of Ireland, you can CLICK HERE to own Samsung Galaxy S9 Giveaway!

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