Samsung NEWS: Full-Screen Smartphone is being developed


Not just by removing benzene, Samsung’s full-screen Smartphones will have three panels that form a strip of screen that stretches from the back to the front.

The rumors of the Galaxy X show that this is a smartphone with folding screen. Although the phone has not yet launched, Samsung continues to break the limits of traditional design by cherishing the intention of producing a full-screen phone.

This has been confirmed through a new Samsung patent. Accordingly, there are four potential designs designed by the company to pursue their goals. In these four designs, up to three models (type 1, 3, 4) pursue the image of a phone with two screens in the back and front.

Most notably is the remaining design (type 2). This drawing depicts a smartphone with three screen panels, front, back and a side panel. It is still unclear how Samsung will connect three panels on a phone.

Though only in the form of ideas, it seems Samsung is preparing for a lot of backup plans, in case the phone with dual screen Galaxy X does not achieve the expected success.

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