Samsung news: Galaxy S can be merged with the Galaxy Note


Galaxy S can be merged with the Galaxy Note – The merger of two high-end smartphones from Samsung aims to save production costs and reduce overlap among products.

According to The Bell (South Korea), Samsung has held an internal meeting, which outlined two major issues related to smartphone that unify the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, and plans to release Galaxy Note9.

Specifically, Samsung’s Division of Mobile Communications and Information Technology (IM) has been discussing merging its two most advanced Galaxy models. “The parallel existence of the two product lines makes management more difficult, as well as increasing the cost of production,” an official from Samsung (anonymity) revealed. However, he also said that “no conclusions were reached” because of unanimous opinion.

According to Phonearena, this is not Samsung’s first attempt to unify the two phones because of their similarity. However, after the release of Vice President Lee Jae-yong, this was brought to the table. Mr. Lee is disliked by the parallelism of the S and Note line because there are no major differences in design and size, which makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish them.

Besides, Lee also did not want to focus on smartphone screen folding. “Handsets can be released next year, but only in beta.” To become a key product, at least for several years, the next strategy will be to decide upon the efficiency after merging the line. S and Note, which is dependent on Galaxy Note9 sales, “said an unnamed official in the Korean mobile industry.

Some argue that merging S lines and Note lines should be done between the two lines now similar. “Before, the Note line is prominent because of the size of the screen is larger, but now the gap is no longer, while the configuration and features are near each other. Samsung should launch three smartphones at the same time, with three directions Different users are better, “says Chris Smith of BGR.

In addition, Samsung has set a target of selling 12 million Galaxy Note9, a million more than the Galaxy Note8. The company plans to produce 7.5 million units in the first three months (from July to September, 2.5 million units per month), then produce 4.5 million units (from October to October). 12) but may vary depending on market demand.

One expert commented, Samsung’s move to Galaxy Note9 is rather conservative. “Unstable smartphone market is likely to cause Samsung to set a modest sales target for Galaxy Note 9. Instead of focusing on new customers, the company is focused on maintaining loyal customers. This phone is better, “he said.

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