Samsung news: Game Fortnite for Android only runs on Samsung phones


Latest leaked information confirmed, the famous game Fortnite Battle Royale will monopolize the device of Samsung as soon as it appears on Android.

Accordingly, users will have to use the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, or another Samsung Galaxy device to play this title on the Android platform. Even if you try to get the Fortnite for Android installer (APK file), it will not play on your device until the exclusive Epic Games agreement with Samsung ends.

It is unclear when this agreement will end. Earlier, we were told that Fortnite for Android will be exclusive on Galaxy Note 9 at the time of launch. Sources said the exclusive deal could last about 30 days before Epic Games opens Fortnite for other compatible Android devices.

So the rumor is not 100% true.

Game Fortnite Android only runs on Samsung phones

Yes, Samsung will hold exclusive rights to Fortnite for Android when the game is officially released – according to a leaked APK file that the XDA Developers forum has collected. But not every Samsung device will have the fortune to play Fortnite. You will need a Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 tablet to launch this game.

The game also checks to see if the device has an S-Pen stylus. This can prevent other Samsung devices from playing the game, and also confirm that Fortnite will provide new device-specific control options with the S-Pen.

There is no hope for other devices.

Even if you somehow find the means to pass the tests above, for example using a modified game version, you will not be able to play the game unless your Fortnite account has been put in “white list” by Epic Games. You can only log in if you have a supported device.

As mentioned above, some sources claim that the Epic Games exclusive agreement with Samsung will last up to 30 days. Epic has previously confirmed they will not launch Fortnite Battle Royale on the Google Play app store through its own website.

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