Samsung NEWS: The Galaxy S10 will be super-large, up to 6.5 inches


Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to be up to 6.44 inches, much larger than the previous size.

Just two days ago, there was information that Samsung is planning to launch three models of the Galaxy S10. In particular, the largest device will have 6.2 inch screen, equivalent to the size of the Galaxy S9 Plus. However, if the information recently released is correct, there will be a Galaxy S10 with a screen size up to 6.44 inches.

According to Phonearena, the decision to increase the size of the S10 Plus to the size is due to the appearance of the triple camera cluster, although this is not very clear.

If Samsung kept the same size as the Galaxy S9 Plus, this also means that the battery capacity of the machine will have to reduce to make room for the camera sensor. By increasing the size of the touch screen, Samsung will have enough space to maintain the presence of a large-size battery.

This latest report also has a contradiction point, which is that the version of the Galaxy S10 will be 5 inches in size, much smaller than the previous report. 5.8 inches was said to be the smallest screen size of the Galaxy S10 in the coming year. In addition, the side screen side edge will likely also disappear on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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