Set Amazon Alexa as the default voice assistant on Android


Recently, users on the Reddit forum discovered that was able to install Amazon Alexa as the default voice assistant on Android. However, Alexa on Android has not had many functions yet. Previously, users could only switch between Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

Installation of Alexa on Android is very different, depending on your device. But in general, you have to update the application Alexa then access the settings of the smartphone and find the “Assist apps” (Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Default apps -> Assist & voice input) then select the assistant the virtual ones you like. Activate Alexa by pressing and holding the home button of your smartphone.

However, the function of Alexa on Android is still very limited. It can not open maps or make calls even though Google can do a quick search. Also, there are fewer ways to call Alexa than the Google Assistant. You can not activate Alexa by calling the name or “squeezing” the smartphone.

Đã có thể cài Amazon Alexa làm trợ lý giọng nói mặc định trên Android - Ảnh 2.

On Reddit, users confirmed that Alexa can install as the default voice assistant on Pixel 2, OnePlus 5, OnePlus One, Xperia models, Moto G5 Plus, Essential Phone 1, Note 8, S8 Plus and S9.

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