The iPhone 2019 will integrated fingerprint sensor into the screen!


The iPhone X brought a breakthrough in design with ultra-thin bezel, so that Apple had to remove the fingerprint sensor on this device.

As a replacement for the fingerprint sensor, the iPhone X is equipped with a TrueDept camera system with face ID recognition. However, it looks like we will soon see the fingerprint sensor back on the highest-end iPhone.

Earlier this year, Apple filed a patent on a new system that would allow the production of iPhone models equipped with fingerprint sensors integrated directly into the screen using the new technology.

Recently, Apple’s new patent has appeared at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Technology in patents does not use optical imaging techniques used on some devices in China. It also does not use the ultrasound system that is expected to appear on the Galaxy S10. Instead, patents from Apple use dielectric sensors, many sensors overlap and need at least one light source. This technology allows Apple to obtain 3D fingerprint data.

Patent number 20180225498 was submitted by Apple in January, after the iPhone X was released. Inventor Dale Setlak, who joined Apple after the company acquired the $ 356 million Authentec biometrics company in 2012.

Most likely, this fingerprint sensor technology will appear in the iPhone 2019-2020 generation.

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