United States offer: 10 up for grabs to own the iPhone X!


IPhone X – 10th anniversary of Apple’s first iPhone launch. Compared with the previous version, the iPhone X is rated as the best product, thin border, strong design, showing ambitious ideas on how to use the camera on the smartphone.

The traditional Home button has disappeared on the iPhone X, which is now for the screen, it is the biggest change of the iPhone ever. However, the iPhone X is not really perfect. To switch application still slower than pressing the Home button. FaceID is used to unlock the screen, although it’s still slow but it’s perfect at the moment.

The downside still exist, but the iPhone X is still the smartphone engaging consumers, but to possess it shall not come cheap: $ 1149

At SurveyWikis, you have the opportunity to become one of the 10 owners the voucher iPhone X for free.

How to own iPhone X for free?
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After one week, if you’re the luckiest person, you will be get the email notice that you have new iPhone X for free.

Note: This offer only available in United States, and will expire in  May 18th, 2018


  1. SarinaWalther says

    i will lose sleep if i get this gift !!!

  2. Gloria Vela says

    All my friends are involved. I am also waiting for this luck

  3. Antoine victoria says

    The most valuable reward I received. I still do not think I have it.

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