What is the “AI Smarterphone” technology?


Although not officially distributed, Honor 10 has caught the attention of the “AI Smarterphone” quite strange in the market. What is behind the “secret” of this concept that Honor is sending to users?


AI Smarterphone” is the concept of artificial intelligence technology Artificial Intelligence (AI), the new era of smart phones that Honor 10 wishes to send to consumers through the experience is extremely convenient. good and impressive on this handset.

Honor 10 is equipped with a dual camera cluster of 16 + 24MP AI 2.0, capable of identifying objects captured through artificial intelligence and identifying the location of various target groups (sky, waterfall human beings, plants, animals …). Based on that, the camera of Honor 10 will automatically adjust the parameters as well as apply various effects to help users have the best photos.

When taking group photos, users can select Portrait mode, the camera recognizes faces of people appearing in the photo, pinpoints and proportions to compare with the backdrop, and then cuts and edits the photo. the best rate. Group photos taken by Honor 10 ensure sharpness, natural-looking skin tone, and professional font removal.

Comparative images before and after using AI camera.

Honor 10 also has many custom modes of lighting as well as the ability to quickly capture the moment when the subject is moving, 2-second recording mode, which keeps the vivid images of the world around you in a more interesting way ever.

Front camera up to 24MP of Honor 10 is also supported AI technology, detects more than 100 face-to-face pixels with high precision on each pixel, optimizes facial detail more than ever before, delivering perfect selfie images.

As before, you need the bulky DSLR kit to produce professional photos. Now, with Honor 10, users can confidently go all over the world and own extremely professional photos in just one click.


Honor 10′s integrated NPU processor will significantly improve the performance of your phone and optimize the power consumption. The overall performance of the product is not reduced even when the most advanced technology is integrated into the machine.

Honor 10 is equipped with 970 Kirin chip, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. With the superiority of AI algorithms, Honor 10 is built on the Snapdragon 845 platform and Apple A11 Bionic for image recognition. Compared to the Honor 10 and Samsung S9 plus, the performance and battery life of the Honor 10 is outstanding.

Honor 10

Honor 10 is also equipped with other interesting features such as: intelligent library to store images according to characteristics, easy to find and share; selfie by gesture and voice; Easy AR mode or Easy Talk feature eliminates noise, adjusts volume for conversation, etc. This model is also equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors only available on some high-end and high-end models. Unlocked by face recognition for 0.064 seconds.

Honor 10 is also equipped with Full HD screen, size 5.84 inches, 19: 9 ratio fashionable. 3.400 mAh battery with Super Charge 5V / 4.5A technology to charge 50% capacity in just 25 minutes. With a very impressive configuration, the Honor 10 has a shocking price of just $450.

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