Will Apple launch 4 new iPhones this year – 2018?


Apple may release three new iPhone versions in September. The second-generation iPhone SE is due out in June.

Recent rumors suggest that Apple will design the iPhone SE just like the iPhone X mini. It will be the same as the current version but the configuration can be upgraded from iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. The price may increase significantly instead of $350 as before, according to Forbes.

In addition, Apple will introduce the iPhone X cheaper 6 inch size instead of 5 inch as many people expect. Machines can be sold at $ 550, cheaper than the iPhone 8 is $699 price.

The new iPhone can be used with the familiar monolithic design, but only with a single camera. It still features FaceID unlock with face. If the new iPhone series is worth the price, Apple can attract more customers. “An Apple with a bite” is also expected to drop iPhone X to launch iPhone X Plus at a price from $1,000. Apple will offer fast charger for all new models, helping users save $200 instead of having to buy separately as before.

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