[WWDC 2018] Apple launches iOS 12: 40% faster open apps, 70% faster camera,iPhone 5s supporting


A number of new features and enhancements have appeared on iOS 12, supporting all devices coming out in 2013, including the iPhone 5S.

So Apple has officially launched the update called the next iOS 12 at the WWDC 2018 with a series of powerful upgrades in terms of both performance and features inside. In particular, iOS 12 will be Apple’s most up-to-date device support update, with compatibility for all devices coming out in 2013, including the iPhone 5. Below are more details about this iOS 12 update.

For an overview, Apple said iOS 12 is focused on very strong investment in performance. Thus, it will have an app launch speed 40% faster than the iOS 11. In addition, the speed of the keyboard and open the camera is also improved by 50% and 70% respectively (Statistics This is taken from the results on the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has also figured out how to optimize the performance of the device with iOS 12 by automatically increasing the speed of the CPU when needed and going down soon after the application was launched successfully. This feature will be available on both the iPhone and iPad.


This is the first feature mentioned and is most focused on Apple iOS 12. Along with the new AR features, Apple along with Pixar also introduced a new file specifically for this application called USDZ. It allows users to more easily share AR content with each other. In addition, the standard USDZ file will be officially supported by Adobe and its Creative suite. This promises to open a new era for AR in the near future. In addition, Apple has also officially upgraded its old AR version to AR 2.0, allowing multiple players to interact, play real-time combat games in real-time.

 Hai người đã có thể cùng chơi với nhau trên phiên bản AR 2.0

In addition, Apple has also officially launched the Measure- app, which measures the actual size and spacing of AR-based objects on the Appstore. From now on, you have the “genuine” application to use instead of having to look for similar applications from third developers.

Photos app: With the support of artificial intelligence, the Photos app is now smarter than many previous versions on the iOS 12 update.

Search bar: You can now search for multiple people, multiple scenes and multiple keywords.

Tab For You: With Share Suggestion, you and your friends can easily share your image content in two dimensions. You choose the images that are your friends to send them and soon the system will detect your face and give hints about the photos they may want to send to you. In addition, this feature also includes the ability to edit portraits, insert effects similar to Google Assistant.

Siri: On iOS 12, Siri will be adding shortcuts to make the necessary suggestions based on the information available on the user’s iOS. For example, if you go to the cinema, Siri will remind you to turn off the phone so that it does not affect every user around or suggest you make a phone call to celebrate your birthday on their birthday.

If these actions are repeated many times, Siri is able to understand and build it into a habit to help more people in daily life.

Smart alert management

On the iOS version 12, notifications appear to have been collapsed based on the theme, application. So you will easily check the information that you think is important as quickly as possible. Quickly delete all old messages with just a click delete.

iMessage and Facetime

iMessage: Get the most out of AR, have the Message app upscale, and add anonymous fingerprint recognition to Animoji. Some new additions were added, such as ghosts, pandas, dinosaurs. Memoji is similar to the AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9, allowing users to use the celebrity’s face to create Animoji with full supportive motion and variety of hair, skin color as well as fashionable look.

Facetime: Official support group call feature. So many years waiting, the desire of many iOS users in particular in the world has been Apple’s reality. Facetime supports group calls of up to 32 people and whenever someone talks, the representative image of that person will be highlighted on the screen. You can also use Anmoji in this feature.

iOS 12 improves quality of life

Screentime: This application will help you to control the time you spend on the phone every day, or use the most application from which to give the frequency of use the device in the most reasonable way, spend a lot of time. For life outside rather than spending too much time with your phone.

Do not disturb during bedtime: When this application is activated, every message from every application will be completely hidden to avoid distracting you from sleep. And you can easily check all of these notifications the next day. This feature will appear in the Control Center panel on iOS 12.

App Limits: With this feature, you can create a limited amount of time for the application you use most often to avoid being addicted. This will be a very useful application that will help you effectively control the children in your house about the frequency of their use.

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