All of the best apps to improve your iPhone –


The default application that Apple installed for iPhone use is still very good but if you want to find new experiences, smarter then try the following application instead.


Email Edison – This application allows many customizations along with the ability to notify smart. It can automatically categorize email messages for topics such as shopping, mail with attachments, scheduling dates, and automatically placing important emails into individually labeled folders.

Google Calendar – The application retrieves data from Google, Facebook and iCloud, and presents information more visually than Apple’s default app. The upper half of the screen showing the time of the month and the bottom half will show you what to do next. It is very convenient and simple to use.

Evernote – Users can create notes from photos or text, set reminders for themselves, and tag notes in a variety of ways. Evernote’s search function can scan PDFs and documents uploaded by users. In addition, Evernote can sync across all devices from phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Google Maps – is still the most detailed and easy-to-use navigation and map application, whether you’re on foot, driving, biking or driving. This application’s data is derived from “Android phones around the world” and processed by the machine learning algorithm will provide users with the fastest route.

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Recordium – allows you to edit the recording within the application and annotate any part of the recording. It can also sync with cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Spotify – has a way of arranging music albums in clever ways that Apple does not. In addition to browsing genres or charts, Spotify also brings together the weekly Discoveries playlist on Monday based on the user’s listening habits. At the same time Spotify also gives you the ability to search for songs and give you better sound quality than Apple apps.

Dark Sky – The application will predict in minutes or hours. Dark Sky tracks GPS positioning so it can report when it is raining or snowing, and even users can view the radar image as the storm is moving.

Google Chrome – offers the same features as Safari, but it can sync all your data with other devices such as desktops and laptops to deliver a consistent user experience.

Microsoft’s Word – application is designed for easy reading of the layout of the document, and the ability to edit, write, format documents in text, images and equations is also improved with the operation. simple.

Videoshop – makes it easy to cut your iPhone video into a movie, and users can also add color filters, music, animations and slo-mo or fast motion effects to the video. Once complete, users can easily share video to social networks with just one button.

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