Apple news: The right things – that need to be change on iPhone 2018


On the new iPhone, Apple is expected to bring more changes and improvements to make the user experience better.

Recent rumors suggest that Apple will launch three different iPhones including an upgrade of the iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus with a larger screen, and a “cheaper price” iPhone. In addition to hardware upgrades such as processors, cameras, and battery life, new iPhones are expected to have a number of positive changes that will provide a better experience.


iPhone is one of the most expensive mobile phones in the world. Apple is always equipped with advanced technology, but how to use of them is not simple.

The iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus are equipped with fast charging technology, but to use them, users will have to buy a USB-C to Lightning converter cable and a Power Delivery adapter for $ 75 from Apple.

Fast charging has long been the norm on Android phones and not just on high-end phones. With a mid-range phone like the $ 250 Moto G6, users can now use the fast charger with the included Turbo Power charger in the box at no additional cost.

With a price of $ 700 for the iPhone 8 and $ 1,000 for the iPhone X, it’s unreasonable to not have a quick charger on the phone. Hope Apple will soon change this.

USE USB charging port-C

For a long time, Apple has always used its own charging standards for its iPhone, from 30-pin to lightning. But it’s time for Apple to adopt the industry standard.

Micro USB is gradually being replaced by USB-C. If Apple is involved, it’s likely that users will be able to use the same chargers between Android and iPhone.

Apple has also included USB-C on the latest MacBooks. This proves that the company will soon bring this port to the new iPhone to create a unified ecosystem. In addition, the use of the USB-C port will allow the company to integrate the fast charging technology into the charger attached to the machine and users do not need to buy more from the outside.


Jony Ive and his design team have always followed minimalism.
In other words, they are taking on the task of removing anything deemed unnecessary on the iPhone from the headphone jack to the Touch Home button on the iPhone X.

And one thing that Apple may have forgotten over the years, that’s the vibration switch sound. In fact, except for some devices from OnePlus, all other Android smartphones are not equipped with this hard drive. And users can still use the normal machine without any difficulty.

Of course, there are many people who love and often use this lever. But there are better alternatives such as keeping the volume down to switch to silent mode. Not to mention, this lever is often defective after a period of use. Many state machine continuously switch between the audio mode by key stuck.

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The phone is designed to be thinner. This makes it very difficult for manufacturers to provide quality camera modules, and they are forced to make the camera overtake the surface of the device.

This imbalances the overall design of the machine. When placing the device on a table or planes, the machine will be prone to major damage to the user experience. Besides, it is also very easy to scratch during use.

This is what users are forced to trade to have a thin machine but still retain the quality of the camera. However, instead of trying to make the iPhone thinner, Apple can make the back surface a bit thicker, while also having space to increase battery capacity and can reduce the camera’s protruding.


To get an overflow screen and integrate Face ID face recognition technology, Apple had to use the “NOTCH” design on the iPhone X.

The iPhone’s TrueDepth camera is quite large and it occupies part of the screen space. This creates a lot of obstacles for users to play games and watch videos.

On the new iPhone, Apple needs to redesign the camera cluster to make it more compact, bring more overall design and better experience for users.

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