Apple update iOS 11.3 – What’s new?


Apple has recently launched an update to iOS 11.3 with many new features and updates. This is the third major update since iOS 11 was introduced last summer.

Features to improve battery quality:

After updating iOS 11.3, users can find the Battery Health option in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health (Beta). This option displays the battery status, including Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability. It will also notify the user in case the battery is due to be replaced.

Improved security features:

“At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right” so in this new iOS 11.3 update it has also updated the Data & Privacy provision. In fact, this feature was revealed by Apple earlier this year. However, the official launch at this time is extremely accurate when Facebook has just faced major scandal involving information 50 million accounts were abused.

Users can save their medical data in the iPhone:

A new feature in the Health application allows users to connect to the health care unit and download encrypted personal health information. However, at the present time, it only supports a certain number of hospitals.


Add the Animoji icon:

Apple added four new Animoji characters in iOS 11, including bear, skull, lion and dragon. Although this update is not as important as the three updates mentioned above, it has given the user more fun experiences.

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